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Minimum distance between wardrobe and bedside table


[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The minimum distance between the wardrobe and the Bedside Table is mainly determined by the size of the house. Some owners decide that the bedside Table and the wardrobe can be placed together. It feels good and saves space, but it will be felt after the placement. There is always an inexplicable sense of oppression when sleeping, which has a lot to do with the distance between the wardrobe and the bedside table.

Minimum distance between wardrobe and bedside table

In the long and narrow bedroom, if there is a window or a door on one side of the wall and it is not suitable to place the wardrobe, then the combination wardrobe can be customized on the other side of the bed. Many people are willing to add a top cabinet directly above the bed, which is not conducive to sleep, it is best to increase the thickness of the headboard, so that when people lie down, the eyes can see the small ceiling, the sense of transparency and security is stronger. .

Put the closet on the bed or you can get it in a convenient place, and it is convenient to pick and place. This is in line with your own habits. It should be noted that when placed on the edge of the bed, do not place it in an easily accessible position.

The most common method of placement is to place the wardrobe in a square or rectangular bedroom. The distance between the closet and the bedside should not be less than 1 meter, otherwise it may affect the bedside activities of the occupants and even cause the wardrobe to open.

Minimum bedside cabinet size

If the bedroom is placed in bed, only 60 cm wide, the width of the bedside table can be 30 cm, the height is preferably the same as the height of the bed, so it is convenient to take things.

Because the width is limited, so the depth of the bedside table is limited, usually the same as the width, then the minimum bedside cabinet size is 300*400*300mm. If it is smaller than this size, then the cabinet is nothing practical. Useful.

The bedside table is a small piece of furniture close to the bed. The size of the bedside table is not made by oneself. The length and width of the bedside table will affect the effect of the whole room, especially the bed. If you choose one A very stylish bed, but because the size of the bedside table is not suitable, if the bedside table is too high, it will look very discordant. Therefore, the best bed was also occupied by this small cabinet.

Nowadays, most of the bedside Tables are open-air. This kind of bedside table gives a simple and unique style, but it is also not lack of fashion sense. For a 1.5-meter or 1.8-meter bed, it is better to prepare this open bedside table. The bedside table also has its use value.

If the size of your room is small, but you really want to make a bedside table, as long as your room has more than 60 cm, you can make a small bedside table according to the size of the smallest bedside table. If such a small-sized bedside table is not available on the market, it can be customized by the manufacturer.

Bedside table standard size

Standard size of bedside table: 520*400*415mm. The height of the bedside table and the bed (going out of the bed height) are basically the same, and there is no contradiction on the side of the bed. It can be matched with the bed and the style is very harmonious.

The bedside table is simple in design, gentle in hand and gentle in color. It is the best choice for modern homes. The quality of the bedside table is also relatively long. The color is relatively dirt-resistant and will not easily damage its color and clean. It is also very convenient.

Standard size of bedside table: 520*400*550mm. The bedside table as a whole does not lose the rustic style, the simple white, the simple carving texture is very good, can be well matched with the bedroom environment, there is no sense of violation. Under the bedside table is designed a partition, which can be placed on the books that are always in love, which can not only add a simple storage function, but also add the style of the bedroom.

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